DGK’s Last Show at Try This #3 (Part 1)

Try This #3 was the last show ever for our trio DGK (Jon Davis, Tim Glenn, and John Keston). The good news is that Jon Davis and I have decided to form a new trio in the spirit of DGK with another extraordinary drummer, Graham O’Brien. The new trio is tentatively called DKO and we’re having our debut performance on Sunday, May 22 at the Honey Lounge in Minneapolis. Here’s a great sounding bootleg mixed by Isaac Halvorson of the first part of our final show. More to come.

DGK at Try This 3

Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Photon Coercion

Here’s an excerpt of the second track from the upcoming Ostracon debut album, Unauthorized Modifications. This track is titled Photon Coercion. The album consists of drumming by Graham O’Brien and electronic sound that I produced using GMS, or Gestural Music Sequencer. GMS is Open Source software I developed that converts video signals into musical phrases. A video signal is analysed in real-time and then MIDI notes are produced based on brightness tracking and adjustable probability distribution algorithms.

This excerpt, in addition to looped phrases from GMS, includes a lead melodic voice that I played on the touch based synthesizer, Bebot. I fell in love with the expressive way you can bend notes independently on up to five voices (an impossibility on most conventional keyboards – unless you have one of these) using Bebot.

Photon Coercion (excerpt)

GrainMachine Release and Example Sample

Recently I have been working hard on getting my Max for Live instrument, GrainMachine, ready for release. It’s just about ready to go. I can’t name a date just yet, but I can tell you that it will be available as a free download. Here’s an example sound that I created with the instrument to go along with an example Live set I’ll be including with the release.

GrainMachine Example Sample