Czeslaw’s Loop and DKO

Art-A-Whirl is considered the largest open studio and gallery tour in the United States and it happens right in my fair city of Northeast Minneapolis. Along side all of the art are dozens of simultaneous musical performances. This year I have three Art-A-Whirl appearances.

First and second are daytime movements for the second and fourth acts of Czeslaw’s Loop (click for times, location, and other details). On Saturday this includes a five-channel sound art installation (essentially a variation on my piece Fives) that initiates “Act Two: Epiphany”. On Sunday, music performed under my Ostraka moniker contributes to “Act Four: Decline”.

Sunday evening is the debut performance of our post DGK trio, DKO (Davis, Keston, O’Brien). The venue is the Honey Lounge in Minneapolis at 10pm. Stop by to participate in an opulent evening of improvisation featuring Jon Davis (Bass, Bass Clarinet), John Keston (Rhodes, Pro-One, and electronics), and Graham O’Brien (Drums).

Naturally Unnatural

This composition emerged as I was experimenting with the BS3X and the Roland MKS-80. Usually I don’t title these unpublished microtracks that I share here on ACB, but this one came to me naturally.

Naturally Unnatural

Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Entropy Procedure

Here’s an excerpt from the fourth track on our upcoming Ostracon album Unauthorized Modifications. The full track was released last September as a give away for the In/Out Festival, but since then it has been remastered.

Entropy Procedure (Excerpt)