Unauthorized Modifications Reviewed on Reviler.org

The debut Ostracon album, Unauthorized Modifications, that we release last week has been reviewed quite favorably on the popular music blog, Reviler.org. Click the link for details. Here’s another sample of music from our release show last Friday.

Ostracon Release Show Segment 1

Watery Lead with Cow Necklace

In this segment from the Ostracon release show I have a watery portamento lead going while Graham is making some nice atemporal sounds with what he calls a “cow necklace” and other parts of his kit. The cow necklace is made made from cow hooves strung in a loop. I searched the web for a similar instrument but found nothing but disturbing images of animal parts. In any case it sounds great.

Watery Lead with Cow Necklace

Morning Music and Coffee Consumption

This video documents an improvised piece recorded on June 26, 2011 with David Andree, John Keston, and Jared Smyth. I was playing the Roland June-106, triggering the Roland MKS-80 with the GMS, and playing a few notes on the piano. David was playing acoustic guitar, cassette loops, reel-to-reel loops, percussion, and melodica. Jared was on a Monome running Grainslide, and live looping. Checkout Jared’s original post here.

Original Audio