GMS Microtrack: Module 3B

This is another microtrack that I mixed from clips recorded during our recent Ostracon performance. All the sounds were produced using the Roland MKS-80 and the sequencing was generated by the GMS.

Module 3B

GMS Practice Phrases Combined

Here’s a mix of the four previous practice phrases combined. The GMS preset that I programmed and used to create the phrases reined them all into the same general tonal center (basically harmonic minor). Imagine something like this with expertly played live drums and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the Ostracon show sounded like last night.

GMS Practice Phrases Combined

GMS Practice Phrase #4

Here’s another phrase from my practice session prior to Wednesday’s performance. This sound was made with a monophonic patch I programmed for leads. I routed the GMS to the MKS-80 and recorded a MIDI loop so that notes were purposefully overlapping. Next I let that record while adjusting various parameters on the synth.

GMS Practice Phrase 4

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