Audio Processing

Have you ever put a microphone down the hallway from the studio then cracked the door on the recording booth while recording drums for a bit of natural reverb? Have you ever used the feedback from an open tuned acoustic guitar placed on a stand in front of a speaker? Have you run a vintage mono-synth through a Lesley cabinet? Use the Processing category to tell us what experiments have worked or not worked for you when processing audio in unique ways.

Water Atmosphere

drown thumbRecently I had the pleasure of producing the audio for a short animated piece called “Drown” by Aaron Dabelow. I simply recorded myself blowing bubbles in water with a straw. I captured in it Ableton Live 6 with my AKG c4000b large diaphragm condenser at a distance of about 9 inches, being careful not to splash water on the mic. The processing included down pitching an octave or so, running it through a high pass filter, and then dousing the works with some massive reverb.

Water Atmosphere
– From “Drown”

Sound Design for King Kong

On YouTube there are a total of seven excellent mini-documentary episodes on how the sound design was produced for Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. Here’s a playlist of all seven videos. In the first video Ethan Van der Ryn and Mike Hopkins explain why they prefer not to use sounds from pre-recorded libraries.

The Concept for

Stove Top AudioDuring my life as a musician, audio engineer and sound designer I have always been fascinated by the unique ways we construct believable sound environments. The concept of is to pass on what we have learned as sound designers, foley artists, musicians and engineers by hosting “recipes for sound design”. This can include all sorts of things we do as audio professionals to create great sounding productions. From crazy foley techniques to step-by-step sound design tutorials.

Plenty of great sites offer terabytes of pre-recorded audio files. That’s not the purpose here. The goal is to share fun and useful techniques on how to create high quality, original sound effects. Perhaps this will lead people to reach for the microphone instead of browsing for needle drop. To help illustrate techniques, an integrated media plugin routes audio or video files directly into a player within posts. If you’re an audio professional and interested in sharing your techniques we please consider participating.

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