Arpeggiated Self Resonance

This sound was programmed on the Juno-106 with the oscillators off and the VCF resonance all the way up, which puts the instrument into self-resonance as was discovered in the article Eerie Pseudo Oscillator Microtrack. Right around 0:42 I turned on the sawtooth wave and manipulated the LFO, then at 0:57 I turned it back off again.

Arpeggiated Filter Self Resonance

Korg MS2000 Granulated Prickly Synth

To get this prickly texture I ran the Korg MS2000 through Grain Delay and Auto Pan in Ableton Live. I forgot to mention that the track was going through the usually reverb and delay sends as well.


Speaker Rattling Filter Sweep Saw Octaves

This is part of the bass line from a synthesizer waltz that I’m composing. The sound was played on the Roland Juno-106, which I can’t seem get enough of these days. No processing was applied. All you hear is the chorus along with the LFO modulating the VCF for a long, slow filter sweep. Oh yeah, and I was manually tweaking the cutoff, and probably the envelope amount as well.

Speaker Rattling Filtered Saw Octaves

Wanted: Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 with MPG-80 Programmer

Dear ACB readers, I am looking for a Roland MKS-80 rack mount synthesizer preferably with the companion MPG-80 programmer as shown in the photo above. I have a very specific project in mind using the GMS and something like the MKS-80 together. There are several of these synths available on eBay and even a few on craigslist (although not in my area). Unfortunately the prices seem somewhat inflated, so I am asking around the old fashioned way. Please contact me directly (keston [at] audiocookbook [dot] org), or in the comments, if you know of one available for sale. If you sell me yours you’ll have the pleasure of being able to hear sounds and phrases that I produce with it here on ACB, and a mention in the liner notes for the second Ostracon album. Thanks!

Resonant Wobble

One thing I hadn’t explored yet on the Roland Juno-106 is how well it produces synthesizer effects. This is the sort of sound that I would normally create using my Sequencial Circuits Pro-One, and admittedly the filter on the Pro-One is a little more agressive, but I decided to give it a go on the 106. This sound was made using the filter self-resonance discussed in detail in the article Eerie Pseudo Oscillator Microtrack. Using the LFO on the VCF creates the wobble, then I adjusted the LFO manually for speed modulation.

Resonant Wobble