There’s Four Chips in that Bag

I top and tailed this clip of ambiance from a popular lunch spot in downtown Minneapolis, applying quick fades in the beginning and end of the twenty four second example. I also applied normalization to boost the levels.

One of the employees prompts a customer into ordering his peperoni sandwich. After that I examine a bag of chips and my friend Derrin advises me that “there’s four chips in that bag”.

Four Chips in that Bag


4 thoughts on “There’s Four Chips in that Bag

  1. Cool stuff definitely usable! You can put it in the intro, sample it, put it in the outro.

    Now i see why a handheld recorder is a sound investment…

  2. That’s funny, his speaking rhythm has a nice offset, but his voice is in key, giving it a bluesy flavour.
    The girl on the other hand sings straight on the beat, but – due to slack melody – does not influence the song’s feeling, haha.

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