Notion Ink’s Adam Android OS Tablet

I realize that I am running the risk of turning AudioCookbook into AudioSlateBook with all my tablet articles of late. However, I just have to say that based on the video from this article the Notion Ink Adam is pretty amazing. Notion Ink, based in Hyderabad, India, have designed the device with a 10″ transflective LCD that only uses 200 milliwatts allowing for up to 24 hours of battery life, or more than 10 hours of HD video playback. Another cool feature is a backside trackpad, apparently a first on any device. I like this idea for control when you don’t want to obscure the screen. I find it exciting that new technology is starting to respond to humans in more human ways, like Google’s voice to text in Android OS, and multitouch and accelerometers for gestural input on mobile devices.

5 thoughts on “Notion Ink’s Adam Android OS Tablet

  1. Wow! That looks really awesome! I’ll admit that I think I’ll eventually end up with a iPad, but seeing this has me reconsidering. I love the open source aspects of it, not to mention the design choices. The only real issue is the software. Are there going to be audio apps for this thing? Or, for that matter, any apps that I want to run?

    Hmmmm. Sure looks nice, though.

  2. Well, anything in the Android Market will work and there’s the potential of a dual boot to Linux so that opens up a lot of possibilities. As a developer I’m attracted to Android because of the open nature of it and the variety of hardware, although many might see that as a disadvantage too.

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