Mystery Synthesized Sound #1

On a few occasions during the One Sound Every Day project I presented a sound without any explanation and left it to the readers to guess at what it was and where it came from. Bragging rights went to the first reader to get it right and post their answer in a comment.

So here’s a mystery sound for you. You can tell it’s a recording of synthesized drums, but from where? What device made this beat?

Clue: I’ve used it on a couple of mixes that I have posted on ACB. Bonus goes to anyone who can identify exactly what device it was.

Mystery Analog Drums

5 thoughts on “Mystery Synthesized Sound #1

  1. Sounds like a Korg MiniPops to me, though I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned on the site. Rhythm Ace would be a close second…

    I could of course, be completely wrong…

  2. I’ve got a ton of old Rhythm Ace sample for some reason. I had a buddy that was really into that drum machine for years, so I collected a ton of samples and we used them on a bunch of tracks. Still have those samples; The clave/woodblock gave it away (though I swear the MiniPops woodblock is identical).

    Oh, and when that Hammond breaks, I can fix it :)

    Will be around that area Feb 7th – 10th or so if you’re going to be around. I have to go to Pequot Lakes for work, but could probably arrange a beer visit on me! Cheers!

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