Mystery Sound Number One

Something that I have wanted to do for a while, is post a sound without giving away any clues as to what the sound actually is so that readers can guess or perhaps even debate about it until I come along and reveal the truth. So, here it is. I’m not saying what if any processing was applied, where or when, or how or why it was recorded. If you think you know what this sound is, please respond in a comment with your guess. The winner will receive the all expense paid recognition of being the first reader to figure it out. And, no, it’s not a cow giving birth, and neither is the photo any sort of clue. However, I imagine that this one will not be difficult to solve. Have fun!

Mystery Sound

13 thoughts on “Mystery Sound Number One

  1. pitched down and slowed saxophone from previous post? :D

    cheers from italy!

    ps: this is my first comment after several months of lurking. wonderful blog, really inspiring!

  2. We probably respond from sounds we are familiar with… Sounds like a corrupt drive trying to spin up. So sorry if it is so.

  3. Thankfully, J. Oscar is wrong! The Prize goes to Jeff Bratteson for guessing squeaky toy recorded with the PCM-D50 (don’t forget down pitched four octaves). Thanks for all the comments!

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