More Pro-One Dub

Here’s another sound that I would label as “Pro-One Dub”. I guess all that really means is knob turning and delay, but when you get good results with this instrument you know it. I love the fact that you cannot store presets on old analog gear. It makes you create a new sound every time you turn it on. I had the knobs in a pretty good position to start this time, but after a few more adjustments I got this great modulated effect with the LFO near top speed and at maximum amount. Just tapping a key gave me this nice squirty raygun effect, so I dropped that in the track before getting my sound for the melodic line I needed for the piece. Here’s a chunk of it pitched down a bit and running through a short delay with lots of feedback to create a vintage raygun effect.

Pro-One Raygun

One thought on “More Pro-One Dub

  1. Ha! Presets are for the weak! Did you ever listen to those Klaus Schulze tracks I mentioned to you? This sound effect reminds me of something he would use.

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