Lost and Found Arpeggiated Polysynth

I found this arpeggio that I created in Ableton Live and rendered on the Roland Juno-106, in a temporary folder weeks after I had deleted it from the set I was working on. I listened to it and decided it was worthwhile using it for today’s synthesizer sound. It includes some nice manual filter sweeps as well as some other tweaks. I added an un-synched delay to give it some depth, but that was it for processing.

Lost Arpeggio Passage

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found Arpeggiated Polysynth

  1. Nice. I enjoyed the skipping arpeggio pattern. The delay really gave it some character, good move. So, if I understand you correctly, you used Live’s Arpeggiator effect to control the 106 and rendered that output as an audio clip?

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