Mobile Studio: Analog Four Drone


I made this drone with the Elektron Analog Four while traveling away from home. I used the Zoom H6 as an audio interface and captured the mix in AudioShare on my iPad. I applied normalization with AudioShare and also used it to upload the track to SoundCloud.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Studio: Analog Four Drone

  1. Great stuff!

    By the way, how do you find the tracking quality when using the H6 as an audio interface? Have you been able to compare to any other more traditional interfaces?

  2. I think the H6 tracks really well. I usually use a MOTU FireWire interface, but haven’t carefully compared them. And I’ve only tried recording a stereo pair. The most obvious difference is latency. It is pretty high with the H6, but that’s to be expected over USB with a device that is primarily designed as a standalone field recorder.

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