MIDI Arpeggiation in Ableton Live

I recenty had the opportunity to take a good long look at Ableton Live’s Arpeggiator MIDI effect. I have used it here and there in the past, but recently discovered how flexible it is. There are many more algorithms (labeled as styles) than I have seen on other arpeggiators (a total of eighteen styles) for a broad variety of patterns. This example uses the “Thumb UpDown” style. Imagine playing a sequence of notes on your right hand starting with your thumb, then index finger, back to thumb, then middle, etc. and that’s kind of what this particular style does to the notes fed into it. Other capabilities of the arpeggiator include a velocity ramp to manipulate the dynamics of the patterns, and typical parameters like retriggering, gate, and groove.

Solar Arpeggio

4 thoughts on “MIDI Arpeggiation in Ableton Live

  1. The arpegiattor on the kawai k5000 is my fave. You can edit the styles and it’s polyphonic.

    The midi plugins in ableton are on a whole pretty crap. There were better midi effects on atari st’s 20 years ago. Tiction is the first midi tool to get me excited in a loooooong time.

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