Microtrack Using Electric from Ableton Suite 8

ElectricSince getting Ableton Live 8, I have yet to use it for a show due to performance issues and a lack of time to troubleshoot what’s causing garbled audio. I don’t have the same problem with 7, so perhaps 8 has more overhead. I’ll be looking into this soon. In any case I have had the opportunity to experiment with some of the instruments, including Electric. Although I still prefer the sound of my actual Rhodes pianos, Electric does a great job of simulating them, but more importantly it is capable of producing entirely new Rhodes-like instrument sounds. Here I started with an instrument out of the rack, tweaked it a little and then used it to play a loop I originally captured using the GMS.

Electric Microtrack

4 thoughts on “Microtrack Using Electric from Ableton Suite 8

  1. Not a bad experiment. Add some delay or verb (both?) with a whooshing pad or two, and this would sound like something from ICO (PS2 game).

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