Mel Mann and Martin Inda at Panoramica Buenos Aires

Mel Mann + Inda @ Panoramica Bs As from Martin Inda on Vimeo.

Martin Inda recently informed me about his collaboration with Mel Mann, and documentation of the piece being performed at Panoramica, Buenos Aires. From Martin:

All of the material is filmed by me with an unexpensive Panasonic Lumix ZS3 camera, then composed in After Effects. The live performance is done with VDMX soft, and uses the audio analysis tool to trigger effects in real time using the sound. The image is composed by 3 projectors. Music: Mel Mann creates his music using synthesizers, samplers and acoustic instruments, like a ukulele and a harmonics flute, which he plays live combined with Ableton.

The geometric imagery reminds me a little of the Umfeld project with Speedy J and Scott Pagano that was performed last year at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art.

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