Maxi-Korg Bass Line

Here’s a short little bass line I recorded while reacquainting myself with my Maxi-Korg yesterday. I love the gritty sound of this instrument, one of the most well known of the duophonic synthesizers. Sometimes I find myself reaching for the non-existent pitch or modulation wheels, but the limitations of these vintage devices are part of their charm and might encourage the musician to come up with new ways to play (or rediscover old ways).

Another thing that I love about vintage gear is the lack of presets. When I come up with a sound I like I simply say to myself, “you’re never going to get exactly that sound ever again”. You can always jot down the settings, but I never do. This way you’re forced to learn how to control the device and approximate the sounds that you have created in the past if necessary.

Maxi Korg Bass Line

One thought on “Maxi-Korg Bass Line

  1. Yes, this really sounds amazing! Can we have some more, please? I love this soft bass. And it is a shame, but I knew nothing about these synths… Now I’m learning. :)

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