Korg MS2000 Noises for Sunset

Here’s a segment from a single track out of the piece Sunset on Keston and Westdal’s first album, Super Structure Baby (2002, Unearthed Music). Sunset was the final piece on the album until Kinon’s Path was added as a bonus track for the reissue.

Sunset was the first track that I wrote after buying my Korg MS2000 in 2000, so I was still learning the instrument but enjoying myself fully in the process. The knob turning goes on for the whole seven minutes and two seconds of the piece, but I have edited it down to the first minute and six seconds.

Sunset Noises

2 thoughts on “Korg MS2000 Noises for Sunset

  1. j’aime !!!et c’est dgmoame d’avoir de si beaux instruments avec une carte son pourrie ;-)parce que la musique est super en plus.clap clapB

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