Horrible MacBook Pro Built-in Mic Feedback

Grouchy PandaThe following sound contains piercing high frequencies. I don’t suggest playing it back at at anything higher than a very low volume.

This sound was produced accidentally after starting up Live and opening a recent document on my new MacBook Pro. A couple of tracks were record enabled and the input settings reverted to the default because Live 8 did not know about my external sound card yet. Luckily my MacBook Pro’s audio out was not plugged into my mixer, so the sound was only amplified through the internal speakers.

Naturally, my first inclination was to capture the feedback. My second was to try and control it by cupping the mic hidden under the left hand speaker grill. I had some success doing this. For now here’s the original feedback.

Playback With Caution!

One thought on “Horrible MacBook Pro Built-in Mic Feedback

  1. Very nice – I have a Apple laptop with the mic built into the screen. I’m using it as a percussive instrument in a project right now – tap on the screen, tap on the CPU, swipe your finger over the mic for a bassy shaker, etc. Try it out, the fun never ends!

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