Grain Machine Update and Layered Experiment

Here’s a new look at the Grain Machine M4L device. Since last time I have updated the device to allow drag and drop samples that are stored with the Live set, and added a visual for the filter that’s controlled by the accelerometer on the controller (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch).

The best thing about using this in Live is being able to live-loop and layer the output from Grain Machine into clips on different tracks, not to mention processing. Another advantage is saving the state of the device in the Live set so that one document has sample set X, while the next has sample set Y. Here’s a piece I created with the Grain Machine in Ableton Live using some samples I randomly selected from my sound library.

Grain Machine Layers

19 thoughts on “Grain Machine Update and Layered Experiment

  1. Hey. This Sounds really cool. I have been interested in Grain Synthesis and processing for a while and I would really like to get this Sftware. Do you have it available for Download anywhere? I would really appreciate. Many thanks and keep up with the great job!!!

  2. Thanks for the interest, Erik. I will probably put it out at some point, but I’m not ready to distribute it yet. If I get more pressure from ACB readers I might cave and put it on Google Code, so stay tuned.

  3. Hello John,

    I’m also very interested in your software. It would be fantastic if you were willing to share it with us. I could also understand if you prefer not to, since you have put a lots of thoughts and work in it.

    All the best.


  4. Hi Gunter. Thanks for your note. I probably will share the Grain Machine at some point, but would like to run it through it’s paces a few times before releasing it.

  5. Hey Just a quick question about your scrub, are you able to control the ableton live time line with that in session mode? i do alot of post production and that’s one thing i really miss,id love to be able to hook up a control surface to scrub through the timeline for video editing

  6. @Jeramiah Actually, no. It only scrubs samples that are loaded into the M4L instrument. I’m not sure how you can scrub the main timeline using a controller, but I’m sure where there’s a will there’s a way.

  7. This device sound very intresting, I really like your stepsequencer (using it all the time)! any news on when you’re goning to release this one?

  8. Im in the process of adding a granular component to my monome buffer playback patch, having troubles getting a good granular object to work with m4l. Which object do you use with this patch? Looks very nifty…

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  10. Very interested in Grain machine. Please let me know if you release it. Thanks for your work.

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  13. Hi John! I’m wondering if you ever released this device? I’m very interested trying it out – it looks fantastic. I live in Minneapolis and was actually at the eyeo festival back in 2010. I haven’t looked to see if they are doing this again, but I found it a completely inspiring conference.


  14. Hi Isaac. #Eyeo is happening again this year starting next week! There are no tickets left, but I do have a performance during Northern Spark that is open to the public. Here are the details:

    As for as Grain Machine goes. I would love to release it, but I haven’t had time to make it street ready. I’ll post something on the blog once I make it available. Cheers!

  15. Thanks for the information! I hope I can make it. Now that you said Eyeo is sold out, I remember that they went pretty quickly, months ahead of time when we attended, which I think was last year, not 2010. I should have looked earlier. Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks again and maybe I’ll see you at the Northern Spark event.


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