Getting Reacquainted with the GMS

triquetra_rehearseI have had a number of problems migrating my application known as the GMS from my old MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.11 to my new one running 10.5.7. The first issue was alack of support for the IAC drivers in Java, next were some funky conflicts with the Java class I was using to load and save presets. With the help of Grant Muller I have solved these problems.

While I was at it I took on a couple of other issues as well in preparation for my performance on Sunday. All that’s left is for me to become reacquainted with the application in tandem with Ableton Suite 8.

This is actually the hard part because I have use the application effectively as an instrument and real-time visualizer. One problem is running out of hands and fingers while producing the visuals and capturing the MIDI clips. Another danger is the music becoming repetitive while making adjustments. Here’s a quick recording I made while practicing.

Reacquainting Myself with the GMS

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  1. Thought about integrating a midi foot pedal to free up those hands and fingers? I can heartily recommend the Rolls MP128. That alongside Bomes midi translator has worked wonders for my rig.

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