Four Oscillator Drone Produced with the WSG

What good is a Weird Sound Generator if you’re not using it to make weird sounds? Sometimes it is nice to just hold it on your lap and stroke it gently. That aside, it’s quiet useful once you plug it in and start twiddling the knobs. Here’s a piece I created by tuning the each of the four oscillators on the WSG and then fiddled with the filters. At the same time I made some adjustments to a phaser that I was running it through in Ableton Live and topped it off with ping pong delay.

Four Oscillator Drone

5 thoughts on “Four Oscillator Drone Produced with the WSG

  1. Quite an interesting piece you were able to produce from that weird sound generator. Do you have plans to use this at shows in the future?

  2. Actually I’m playing with an experimental trio called Ephemeral Structures that features me, Nils Westdal and Kyle Herskovitz on April 26, 2010 at the Kitty Cat Klub for Experimental Music Mondays. I just might bust out the WSG for the show, but to know for sure you will have to show up.

  3. weird. all that hand-built circuitry produces some pretty rich tones. i like it.

    if i understand the schematics correctly the WSG amounts to two voices, three ocsiators each, one of which is an LFO controlling frequency.

    were you using the gating or summing “wackiness” setting for this recording?

    also what does the “twilight zone” switch do?

  4. That does explain a few things that I couldn’t divine from the diagrams alone. Thanks John.

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