Forgotten Channels

Forgotten Channels is a generative music and projected video performance piece that aims to discover connections between our visual memory and our response to peculiar soundscapes.

The visuals for the piece are made up of fifteen shots selected from hundreds of mobile phone videos. The videos make up a score that was prepared by playing them on a large LCD display then re-shooting them with another mobile device to frame mysterious elements and expose the imperfections within the digital media.

To perform the piece the visual score is abstracted again by playing it on yet another mobile device positioned below a camera plugged into a computer. Custom software analyses the input to produce a real-time stream of algorithmic music. The musical information is captured and manipulated by the performer in response to the imagery.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Channels

  1. Wonderful work. Really inspiring. Makes me want to turn on my synths and that’s what i’ll do now. I like the visual concept and the sequenced patterns. How is the music done? Classic Sequencer / Synths combo or software based? Anyway…Greets from Germany and all the best.

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