Flash Player Version Audio Playback Bug

Windows users who have upgraded their Adobe Flash players to version will hear warping and distortion in most of the audio examples on ACB. The problem is a documented bug in the Flash player that only manifests while playing audio that is rendered at either 22kHz or 48kHz. Since most of my mixes are at 48kHz before I convert them to mp3s this problem will effect a lot of ACB readers. Hopefully Adobe will have a fix out soon, but until then please click on the title of the audio rather than the player button to listen if you are experiencing playback issues. If you have an older version of the player, or use a Mac you will not be effected by this bug. Update: apparently Mac users with the new version of the plugin have the problem as well. The problem is described here with an AS2 workaround. I’m still looking at solutions, in the meantime, other than clicking on the title versus the play button, the only other solution is to downgrade your Flash player.


6 thoughts on “Flash Player Version Audio Playback Bug

  1. Really? I’m on a Mac and running that version of the Flash Player and have been noticing that problem too.

  2. Hey JonO. Looks like you are right about that. I haven’t updated my Flash player on my Mac yet, but am able to test the problem on my Windows partition. Hopefully I’ll have a solution soon, until then the download link is your best bet. Sorry for the inconvenience, but now that I’m aware of this it shouldn’t be long before it’s sorted.

  3. Seems ACB is really an exception with its 48kHz files. Already wondered about that crackling which does not appear on any of the other sites I usually visit – they obviously render their mp3s at 44kHz all together, as I do as well, e.g. converting 22kHz (or 48kHz) to 44kHz by Audacity before exporting to mp3.

  4. You were right, it all started being weird after the flash upgrade. Dont know why I never thought about clicking the sound name, it solves all the problems!

  5. Well…no apology necessary. It’s not really your problem to solve…it’s those nonces over at Adobe. :)

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