Filling and Draining the Sink

Tonight I’ve decided to share another of my first few Sony PCM-D50 test recordings. It is simply the sound of filling my bathroom sink partway with cold and then the rest of the way with hot water followed by the much quieter sound of the water draining down the plug hole. These sorts of mundane sounds are especially interesting to me once they have been recorded and taken out their context. Do we ever really listen to the sounds things make while we go about our daily lives? Probably not. And for good reason. If we were distracted by the qualities of the typical sounds in our environments we would never survive as a species. Our hearing is tuned to alert us when we hear irregular or unusual sounds. To my ears, ordinary sounds become extraordinary when I focus on listening to them.

Filling and Draining the Sink

5 thoughts on “Filling and Draining the Sink

  1. Here’s a little clip that I made with my Sony PCM-D50 while in Puerto Rico. I captured some Coqui frogs at night from our hotel. You can hear some noise in the background. That’s the ocean and closer there was a lion head water fountain.

    Here’s the view from my recording spot.

    I’m loving this PCM-D50. This recorder, in my opinion is the best on the market for the money. Super clean audio, easy to use, professional feel and great features. Next up I’ve got to try an old Sony mic that I have that has plug-in power.

  2. Great sound, Jeff. Thanks for posting. I’m really digging the PCM-D50 too. One thing I’d like to do is figure out a cabling solution for stereo mics like the Shure VP88. My AT822 came with an 1/8″ stereo adapter, but the VP88s would need dual XLR to single 1/8″ stereo. I have not been able to find an adapter, so I might end up building one.

  3. Yes I think that’s the same place that I found an adaptor to (try to) connect my Rode NT4 to the first gen MicroTrack. In the end that was a bad combo. The MicroTrack never supplied full phantom power to get things right and running the NT4 off 9V batteries was pretty noisy. M-Audio, I should have known better. Ahhh, now that is all in the past.

    I live 2 blocks from the ocean on the NJ shore. I’ll probably catch some ocean sounds in the next couple of days. Then on to putting this thing to work and creating some sample sets for Kontakt. First up is prepared Ukulele.

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