Experimental Music Mondays with Ten72, Ostracon, Terr the Om, and Davis-Glenn-Keston

The Experimental Music Mondays series at the Kitty Cat Klub concludes this Monday, August 30 with a familiar lineup and newcomer Ten72 (Nils Westdal). Regulars Ostracon (John Keston and Graham O’Brien) and Terr the Om (Nathan Brende) are playing as well as my new unnamed trio Davis-Glenn-Keston. It is shaping up to be a fun and delightful evening of experimental music. Music will start by 9:30pm and go until 1:00am. Entry is free. Stop by and let us know what you think of this event.

This is the last chance to experience this series. For now there are no plans to continue the night at another venue, but depending on Monday’s turnout it may be taken under consideration. Thanks to all the people who have helped support this event, including Tom Rimarcik, Ryan Olcott, Graham O’Brien, and Nathan Brende, not to mention all the patrons who appreciated the work presented by the artists involved.

4 thoughts on “Experimental Music Mondays with Ten72, Ostracon, Terr the Om, and Davis-Glenn-Keston

  1. I was hoping to present a song or to at one of these eventually. Hopefully it lives on in one form or another so that I can perform something once I’ve gotten my shit together and made something that’s presentable.

  2. Thanks for the note, Greg. We sort of have revived it (in a way) with a series called DKO and friends every last Tuesday of the month at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. Jon Davis handles booking the “and friends” part and DKO play one or two sets as well depending on the line-up. So far we’ve had some great artists join us including Douglas Ewart and Steve Goldstein last month.

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