Excerpt of New Music

I’ve been working on some music composition and production for my upcoming album so I’ve not been doing as much experimenting with processing and sound design for the last few days. It’s mostly roughs at this stage, but here’s an excerpt from a new work.

This chunk of music happens to be the context for the arpeggio from the previous post and also contains a variation of the audio from Three Phase Oscillator.

Excerpt of Music from Title TBD


2 thoughts on “Excerpt of New Music

  1. hey, all the sound on this website is funny! I wish it were not so choppy as I thoroughly enjoy your work.

  2. You must be using Flash Player 10 which has a bug in playing back audio encoded at any other sampling rate than 44.1kHz. You can click on the link to the file and it will play back properly. Please visit this entry to read more about the bug in Flash. Thanks!

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