Evening Traffic on Lowry Avenue

One of the first few recordings I made with my Sony PCM-D50 was to capture traffic ambiance. This was really a pretty good test for the stereo imaging of the built in mics. I held the device, so there is some handling noise, although I did put a wind screen on the D50. This recording would have been impossible without it. The mics on the D50 are very sensitive to wind. Even indoors if an object, like a door, moves the air near the unprotected mics you will hear the capsules flapping in the breeze. Despite the wind screen you can hear a bit of wind noise around 00:34. The stereo image is acceptable, but it’s not as broad as other stereo mics I’ve used such as the Shure VP88. I have yet to try the 120 degree, Y pattern setting, which I imagine will spread the image considerably.

Lowry Traffic

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  1. Hey.. Well im recently going into college and they asked it would be better if i get a recorder, such as your Sony PCM-D50.
    What recorder do you recommend me or I should definitely I should buy one like yours?
    ..Though is expensive…
    Lol… xD


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