Epic Machinery – Cruise Liner Engines

While on holiday I routinely bring recording equipment with me. In Italy, where they have decided to make normal passenger cruise ships look like ferarris, they also have interesting engine sounds to boot. I’ve been searching for a sound like this for years and have finally nailed it with this sound.

I recorded this standing a few feet away from the harbour at the exhaust side of the ship. It was maneuvering into position away from the harbour, and you can hear the engines in some detail – the turbos are kicking in, and the engine goes through a few start up procedures. This sounds epic!


Ocean Liner Cruise Ship Engines Engaging Turbos Whine Bass Epic Rumble Rev Servos Awesome Cool Technological Sound FX

5 thoughts on “Epic Machinery – Cruise Liner Engines

  1. Thanks, John!

    This was a spaced Y-X (ourward facing, stereo hole in the middle) on a stereo bar – rode NT5 matched pair. I was ABing the rodes with my Neumann u87 and they give a lovely transparent, if bright, crystal clear sound.

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