Cymatics Test: Mustard Seed and the WSG

I recorded this sound during a cymatics experiment that I conducted with Pramila Vasuvedan of Annichia Arts to see if patterns in mustard seed would emerge. To generate the tones I connected my WSG to a simple amplifier and then to a twelve inch speaker with a platform suspended above the speaker cone. Mustard seed was poured onto the platform as we tested different frequency and amplitude combinations. This experiment was not quite successful, probably becuase the WSG has multiple oscillators, but we learned a few things in the process and created some interesting sounds, as well as some unbearable ones that I’ll refrain from sharing. Listen for the hiss of the mustard seed vibrating on the one eighth inch thick panel of plywood that we used as a platform.

Cymatics Test: Mustard Seed and WSG

2 thoughts on “Cymatics Test: Mustard Seed and the WSG

  1. awesome! i did a test a year or two ago with cymatics and a 12″ speaker wrapped in plastic with cornflower paste (‘mud’ basically) poured into that playing a varying frequency square wave through it. turned out pretty cool. i’ve been wanting to do it again soon, and document it this time.

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