Breezy Cottonwood Ambiance

Cottonwood LeavesPlains cottonwood (Populus sargentii) grows near water, and tends to mimic water in several ways. Visually their leaves ripple in the wind like water rippling on a fairly still pond. The sound of the wind through their leaves also mimics water flowing in a stream. I recorded a gentle wind passing through a small grove of cottonwoods near a swamp full of cattails, birds, insects and amphibians. My wind sock for the PCM-D50 didn’t provide all the wind noise protection I would have liked, but I got a good few seconds out of it anyway.

Breezy Cottonwoods

One thought on “Breezy Cottonwood Ambiance

  1. Its a good feeling that when you feel the breeze comes around, it makes you feel good and comfortable, and also seeing the leaves of the trees flew in one direction. Thanks for this article of yours.

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