Bicycle Converted into a GMS Input Device

Checkout this video made by Chris LeBlanc. Chris is using LEDs attached to a rotating bicycle wheel as an input device for the GMS. Chris and I had a session recently where I showed him ow to sync the GMS up with Ableton, and the next thing you know he’s come up with a new way of using the software. Nice one, Chris!

4 thoughts on “Bicycle Converted into a GMS Input Device

  1. it might be interesting to try this with a bike with fixed gearing so you can push and pull the light back around in it’s path.

  2. Thanks for posting the video Natasha, that was a really cool piece. I’ll try a more texture/ambient oriented arrangement next time, for this video I was partly showing how well the GMS sidechains off of a beat. I just like Live’s new sidechaining a whole lot and the GMS really shines with it. Elem: I’ll try it with my fixed gear, I need to rebuild the stem and try it and I’ll post about how it went. Thanks for the suggestions.

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