Analog Noise Slow Filter Sweep on SoundCloud

Although I’ve used it for few things before, I have decided to try using SoundCloud to distribute some of the sounds from my One Synthesizer Sound Every Day project. I really like the way that people can comment on the audio at different points within the timeline. It also seems like a good way to share beyond the scope of

On the other hand I recently had a reader comment on how they liked ACB’s current audio player (WPaudio) because it works on iOS. Unfortunately, because it is Flash (iOS doesn’t support Flash) the SoundCloud player will not work on iOS. Conversely WPaudio doesn’t work on Android, although it should. I am curious and would like to get some feedback from ACB readers on this. How many of you use SoundCloud? And what do you think of it becoming the main method of distributing sounds on ACB? Are you an iOS user and will that be a problem for you?

I’d like to use the HTML5 audio element, but then Firefox users would not be able to play the MP3s and although I would like to, I’m not going to find time to convert three and a half years of audio to Ogg files. My ideal audio player would automatically use the HTML5 audio element when it was available and compatible with the format, otherwise it would automatically switch to using a Flash player, and lastly default to a link when nothing else worked. If you know of a player that does this, please let me know. Perhaps it needs to be developed, but it seems like something like this should be out there by now.

In any case, without further ado here’s the first of my daily synthesizer sounds to be published on SoundClound. I’m including it with the WPaudio player and HTML5 audio element as well for comparison purposes. To produce this analog noise I used the LFO on the Roland MKS-80 to slowly sweep the filter. Nothing fancy, but pleasant none-the-less. I ran it through a ping pong delay for some stereo imagery.

The Original WPaudio Player:
Analog Noise Slow Filter Sweep

The SoundCloud Player:
Analog Noise Slow Filter Sweep by Ostraka

Using the HTML5 Audio Element:
Analog Noise Slow Filter Sweep

4 thoughts on “Analog Noise Slow Filter Sweep on SoundCloud

  1. I’m a big fan of Soundcloud. And its embeddable player has a lot of advantages. Seeing the waveform is really nice, but most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to “reshare” something someone posted, and it’s always attributed directly back to its source. It’s a lot more ubiquitous.

  2. put it on Soundcloud. There’s apps for both platforms so linking shouldn’t be an issue.

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