AM Radio Static

For some reason, the AM (amplitude modulated) radio static that I recorded recently is much noisier than the FM (frequency modulated) static. The noise is also at a lower frequency than the FM noise which makes sense since the FM band is at a higher frequency than the AM band. The AM band is in the kilohertz range (535 to 1705kHz) while the FM band is in the megahertz range (87.5 to 108 MHz). In any case, I think you will find this recording familiar.

AM Radio Static

6 thoughts on “AM Radio Static

  1. AM is much more dynamic. get out in your car and find the howl. if you ever find your self driving late at night and see the northern lights, turn on AM. the solar wind pushes it around, and sometimes you can hear stations hundreds of miles away. nazis from ohio.

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  4. i like that staticy sound i always did i love listening to the radio a lot and i never want a good radio to be without that sweet staticy sound i always enjoy hearing it and it calms me when i really love to relaxi hope you post more on here good sounding staticy radio gigathankies.

  5. i to lov to listern to my radio with a bit of interference at the back ground its classic

  6. @si Do you think that our affinity for static is simply nostalgia, or is there something else at play, as @Skink suggests — in effect we are listening to the cosmos?

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