A Note From Moog

A Note From Moog

This morning I was greeted by a Toblerone shaped box on my doorstep adorned with a Moogfest logo. Since I was on my way to class I had to leave it until this evening. On opening I discovered a beautiful golden knob and a lovely note from Moog thanking me for my participation at Moogfest:

It has taken us two months to process the impact of Moogfest 2014. The phenomenal minds that came together to share, teach, make, play, and perform made our town in North Carolina shine brightly for 5 days. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this celebration of art, science, music, and technology. Without you Moogfest would not have been as magical or inspiring for those that participated.

The enclosed knob is symbolic of Moog’s 50 year legacy in analog synthesis. Originally we gave them to the owners of our flagship synthesizer, the Minimoog Voyager, because they are the people who helped Moog become what it is today. We felt it appropriate to send one to you too for helping define what Moogfest will be in the future. You will always be a part of Moogfest’s genesis and we hope you continue to be a part of its evolution.

Following the note were a couple of personal sentences from Emmy Parker and handwritten signatures from Emmy and Mike Adams. Needless to say, I am humbled by this honor and hope that I can continue to participate in the future. Thanks Emmy, Mike, and everyone else who made Moogfest an incredible experience!

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